There is a ballad that Shawn and I loved to listen to called, "Boulder River". It speaks clearly of the love we professed and the life we found in one another. The song begins with a line that echoes in my mind every morning, "This is the place where I am most wanted; where everything I am comes from." Shawn was that place for me. He was where I felt most wanted; where I felt our talents could be explored and fine-tuned. Everything that I am was made better by knowing him, loving him and being loved greatly by him. He was my favorite style of music. His life danced before me. I saw the best in him and he brought out the best in me.

When I think about his life connected to music, I view our lives as a beautiful composition that he helped create. It is a work of love, really; a true, sweet melody. Our movements were normally played in tune, rarely out of key. Together, we learned to critique our relationship as if it was a fine symphony; adjusting, revising and polishing the areas that needed to be reworked and being pleased with the final masterpiece.

I believe Shawn is now in a place where he is most wanted. Loved by Someone who can love him more than me. I am comforted by this certain peace, yet breaking until I can hear him sing again.

Much love,


Shawn and I go back several years before he and Jennifer left for Honduras. I met the two of them while playing in a church group that ministered to the youth on Sunday evenings. I remember him being probably the most talented person in the group. Any instrument he picked up he made it seem like he mastered it long ago. On occasions when things didn't sound quite right, he cracked everyone up with a comic approach to his short comings. I think more often than not he cracked us all up!

I remember him to be steady yet light hearted, serious yet someone very comfortable to talk with, fast wit yet very slow to speak. My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our time with Shawn and Jen. They came over a few months ago to take photos of our kids. The kids loved climbing all over Shawn as he tried to photograph them in their natural state (that being one of chaos). Shawn fit right in.

Pizza seemed to be his/their/our food of choice. Every time we got together there was pizza... homemade pizza... ordered out pizza... hard crusty tasteless frozen pizza. Before they went to Honduras to work and serve for two years they came over for pizza. Shawn had worked all night and though you could tell he was tired he still joined in with Jen and I (and Sophia singing away in the back ground) playing some sweet songs that each of us had written. I remember Shawn was way into electronic gadgets. Long before anyone knew of miniature digital recorders, he was experimenting with a pen sized one. He recorded a couple things that day to take with on their two year leave.

I knew that day that our families were connected, that it would be a long couple of years till we saw them again.

By the time they came back we had started this Irish Band. Shawn and Jen were there at one of the first gigs we played. We were playing at this pub up in Maple Grove. Jen was very pregnant. Little did she know when she broke her water there that she was surrounded by no less that forty labor and delivery nurses, doctors, HUCs, housekeeping lasses etc. My wife in the audience had her triaged with the staff and off they went to have their first baby. Not long after that Shawn stretched his talent and started playing and singing in this little Irish group.

He may have had Jamaican roots..., but he played in an Irish band!

In September of this year God saw fit to bring him to his eternal home. Shawn was a police officer and he was killed in the line of duty trying to make our world a little safer. The rest of us left behind have come to realize what a huge gift it was to know this man. We think of him all the time and miss him so.

May the road always rise with you, Shawn...

David Brown

If you are interested in being generous to his family (his wife Jennifer, son Jordan and daughter Madelynn), please consider making a donation to the memorial fund listed below.

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